Friday, June 28, 2013

The Road to Brazil

So I'm heading to Brazil in about a week...and I'm completely unprepared! It's kind of a volunteer trip, but I wasn't really given much of a heads up about it (oops, should have checked my Google Groups!) and now I'm kind of scrambling last minute. But anyways, I've been making a few purchases that I'm SUPER excited to test on the road, and I wanted to share (ahemshowoffahem) with everyone!

1. Kelty Women's Cosmic 35 Synthetic sleeping bag
After 3 days of rigorous research, I have a sleeping bag! This one is a made for women so it's a perfect length for a shorty such as myself. I also chose synthetic instead of down because apparently down stuffing loses all of its heat in damp conditions (and I think the Amazons can get kind of wet...). It also is pretty compact at 2 lbs or something, so hopefully it won't be too much added weight.

This is the FIRST time I'm traveling with a sleeping bag! I've previously used a bed cocoon or whatever, which is basically like a sheet you sleep in, and I only had to use it once (in a hostel that was temporarily a bed shaped like a coffin...good one, Budapest!) When I went trekking in Indonesia, the company lent us sleeping bags and the porters carried them for us. But this time, I'm on my own! And I wasn't even aware that I'd be needing one until about 3 days ago! Apparently the volunteer trip will include a lot of sleeping on both gym and jungle floors...basically, "don't expect a bed."

I must admit, owning my own compact backpacking sleeping bag makes me feel...kind of hardcore. I know, I know, most backpackers don't even need sleeping bags anymore! Whatever, I don't care, let me live the dream! :)

2. Outlander Packable Handy Lightweight Travel Daypack
So another thing about my travels...I haven't traveled alone, in a LONG time. Last two times were both one month trips with a boy (i.e. person who carries your stuff for you) and before that were my European not really rough and tumble territory. I finally gave in though and bought myself a daypack. Ugh, does that mean I have to carry stuff myself?

I won't be using a daypack in the cities I'm visiting on my own (hello, tourist alert!) but it'd be pretty useful for planes and during the volunteer portion of the trip when I'm going to classrooms and stuff. Also if we do some light hiking in the Amazons, this would be good to pack with a water bottle and my fancy pants binoculars.

The real reason I got this daypack because I don't like daypacks. I'd much prefer not carrying anything but a tiny cross the body handbag, so this is like a necessary evil for this trip. The good news is that when it's not in use, it folds up quite small. So hooray for innovative design!

Another thing: having a daypack WITH my backpack is gonna make me look pretty silly...I mean we all know those "turtle backpackers"
Evidently, I found the picture on a webpage titled "10 things that look ridiculous." I'm actually going to look even MORE like a turtle though, because both my backpack and daypack are green (hey, I wanted to match!). Awkward turtle, here I come...

3. Croc sandals!
Yup, I done did it! I bought myself not one, but TWO pairs of crocs! And I have no idea why. I was looking into buying some sneakers that I could travel with, then found myself buying some replacements for my beloved Rainbows instead! (I still have no idea what shoes I'm going to hike in...)

I bought these because they're neutral, look normal enough online (I hope they do in person!), and are supposed to be super comfy! I love my Rainbows, but on rougher surfaces, sometimes they do hurt! And also, I can't wear Rainbows into showers in dirty hostels...I'm planning to buy a pair of famous Brazilian havaianas (flip-flops) but in case I don't get to them first thing, I have a back up! And thank god for Amazon's awesome return policy for shoes. Bought both so I can see which one is cuter, then free return for the other one! Gosh, Amazon, you've done so much for people who hate malls and/or lazy people.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Anyways, it's safe to say I'm super stoked. I obviously have a bunch of other supplies and equipment to bring, but these are the best of the best (and by that, I mean the ones I'm most excited about...probably because they make me look more legit). Will I review any of these items? Probably not. While that kind of information is probably (absolutely) more useful for the everyday traveler...I'm just here to share my excitement :)

Brazil, get ready....I'm coming for you!!! 

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